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jeudi, 02-11-17 18:06
HB 2685. Concealed carry prohibition will require adequate security measures in public buildings which post no weapons signs. The question is whether the signage makes a building safer, the assumption being that criminals and nuts without gun permits ignore the sign and potential victims leave their weapon in the car. I agree with this that criminals will not be stopped but only those that do obey the law. I have also noted that there is no mandate to install expensive security if a building removes the prohibition. I would ask that tht this bill pass. This makes common sense.

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jeudi, 02-11-17 17:41
I didn’t even know that there was a women’s half in Indy! $25 isn’t a huge risk to take either. I am nervous about crazy hot/humid weather, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world to ‘waste’ a $25 race if I felt too wimpy to run it.

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jeudi, 02-11-17 17:14
Ana,Are you the Ana Teran (sorry no accent) who wrote The Poetess Counts to 100 and Bows OutIf so, I will order in English. We need to discuss offline your inspiration behind the white horse in your poem.I am researching white horses right now ( along with Galileo) I’ll share with you privately just why I am doing this.Also, are your familiar with the poety Ricardo Sternberg from the University of Toronto?

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jeudi, 02-11-17 16:49
ZmysÅ‚owoÅ›Ä[..] a także romantyzm to nie tylko odsÅ‚oniÄ™te ramiona bluzek, halki oraz półprzeźro[..] tuniki na modelkach pozujÄ…cych do a także na bilbordy. Sukienki a także spódnice, damskie sweterki spowodujÄ…, że każda dama, nie tylko ta pozujÄ…ca do niewiasta, może poczuć siÄ™ faktycznie urzekajÄ…co.

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jeudi, 02-11-17 16:37
Thanks for responding! It really helps me know i am on the right track. I debated about whether or notI should write this piece and felt it might equate to career suicide. But for me writing has always been about truth. That is where the most powerful writing comes from and i felt keeping true to that was more important than being afraid to speak.

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