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kd2ecfgw7tl (at)


Thursday, 02-11-17 09:45
Thanks Colin for encouraging me!FYI for my readers, Colin and I were from the same Junior College and same CCA! He is extremely intelligent and attained ALL FREAKING As for his A level!! (:

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Thursday, 02-11-17 08:20
Mallory Davis - Maria,Will he need any after treatment once it’s removed??You know we are praying every day for Jason and you and the girls. Love you guys bunches!Mal

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842lvqus4nd (at)


Thursday, 02-11-17 07:50
In other words, you wan the handouts stopped. Some day you may be in the position of needing a handout. Also, read my other response. Both of you need to get in the real world.

Githa Githa from xuVHGlgO

4952pela (at)


Thursday, 02-11-17 07:35
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o7m2vxpl3 (at)


Thursday, 02-11-17 05:25
I asked if you wanted to go snowshoeing, not camping, because I knew you didn't want to go camping.But at least we got some good outdoor activity in biking!

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