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Thursday, 02-11-17 20:51
Thank you for being a voice of reason on what to me is a debate of power and politics and has little to do with horse welfare.I.e, business as usual in horse sport.I wonder if the FN would be making such a fuss if all their members had not been thrown out of power at FEI for their role in maintaining silence at Hong Kong when the German jumper was given illegal syringes of substances.I also wonder how Frank Kemperman can be chairman of the FEI Dressage Committee (not to mention head of FEI’s DTF) and complain so bitterly about FEI policy..?Glad you will blog every week!

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Thursday, 02-11-17 20:50
Hey there, Jess! So glad you mentioned The Restorer. That’s been on my TBR list for awhile, and I keep seeing great things about it. I might have to shuffle that one up to the top o’ the pile. Thanks!

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Thursday, 02-11-17 20:23
Ghah pats naudoju edifier R1900T II ir esu begalo patenkintas jomis, gal tik noretusi kartais galios daugiau. Negalvojau keist ju bet dabar suviliojai sita sistema.

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Thursday, 02-11-17 19:58
I like the second cover. I don’t think the girl looks chilly; I think she is protecting herself, and the photo will work if the dress colour is changed. Using a Photoshop-type program, try changing the dress to a deeper, darker colour, perhaps red. That should change the whole character of the cover.

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Thursday, 02-11-17 19:37
Thanks for your comments! You have made your case very clear. I am certain that most readers of this blog will find your comments and your original blog entry thought provoking.

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